Accommodation Rules

Accommodation Rules at the ADALBERT Hotel

  1. Accommodation Rules are valid from the 19th May 2018.
  2. The Adalbert Hotel (hereinafter hotel) provides its guests with accommodation and breakfast, so called Bed & Breakfast. The hotel is run by the Brevnov Monastery Administration s.r.o., ID 05809673 with registered office at Marketska 1/28, 16900 Praha 6.
  3. Customer protection:
    1. Hotel provides its guests with quality services matching its rating. The hotel offers accommodation and related services for its guests based on booked and confirmed conditions.
    2. A guest is informed about the cost of services that includes all taxes and fees in advance.
    3. A guest has the right to file a proposal for an out-of-court resolution of any dispute with the Czech Trade Inspection, a body designated for out-of-court settlements of consumer disputes.
      Central Inspectorate—ADR Department, Stepanska 15, 120 00 Praha 2
    4. Czech Trade Inspection is the supervisory authority supervising consumer protection, advancing under the Act no. 64/1986 Coll., on The Czech Trade Inspection, as amended, and other legislation.
    5. In accordance with § 1837 letter j) of the Civil Code, our guests as consumers are not entitled to withdraw from the accommodation agreement, if the hotel provides accommodation on the specified date.
    6. The relationship between a guest and the hotel is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic
    7. The language, in which the hotel communicates with a guest for the duration of their stay and in which a guests receives the contractual terms and other details, is the Czech language.
  4. If a guest would like to prolong their stay, hotel staff can offer another room for the extended period.
  5. The hotel does not provide currency exchange services. However, it is possible to pay bills in Euros at the current CNB exchange rate. Guests will receive a bill for all services and sale of goods. At the same time the hotel is obliged to register the received revenue with the tax administrator online. In the event of a technical outage this must be within 48 hours.
  6. The hotel is authorized to accommodate only properly registered guests. At the check-in guests must submit a valid identity card or passport to the personnel in charge, fill in and sign the Registration form. See point 22 for more information.
  7. Based on a confirmed order, paid deposit or full payment in advance, a guest can check-in on the day of arrival after 2 p.m. and must leave the room on the day of departure by 11 a.m. If the room is not vacated by 11 a.m., the guest will be charged for another night. In case the hotel room is booked by another guest for the night and the current guest does not vacate the room or is not present at the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to list and remove personal belongings of the guest (done by two staff members). Items are then stored in a safe place so that the room can be used by the next guest.
  8. The hotel may, in special cases, offer a guest other than arranged accommodation. The alternative accommodation will be to the same standard as the confirmed booking.
  9. A guest who has not booked or guaranteed their stay by credit card is required to pay in advance at the reception.
  10. For safety reasons it is not advisable to leave children under 15 years of age without adult supervision in the rooms and in other areas of the hotel.
  11. Accommodation of a child under 12 years with an extra bed is free of charge if accompanied by 2 paying adults. This way we can accommodate a maximum of 1 child per room.
  12. Rooms are equipped with safes. The hotel is not liable for loss or damage to the guest’s belongings which were not deposited in the room’s safe. Loss of keys to the safe or room and providing locksmith services is charged to the amount of 1 000 CZK.
  13. A guest is responsible for any damage caused by him/her to the hotel property and is required to report it to the front desk.
  14. In the room and other hotel areas a guest may not move furnishings, or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations without consent of the hotel management.
  15. In the hotel and especially in rooms, guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances. This does not apply to electrical appliances used for guest’s personal hygiene (shavers, massage equipment, hair dryers, etc.).
  16. Guests are required to comply with fire regulations. All areas of the hotel including the guest rooms are non-smoking.
  17. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. guests are kindly required to respect the night rest, i.e. not to disturb other guests staying at the hotel.
  18. There are reception area at the hotel and the restaurant Klasterni senk available for visitors. Visits to the guest‘ s rooms can be received only with the consent of the receptionist and after being recorded in the guestbook at the reception and only during 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  19. At each check-out it is required for safety reasons to give the room keys to the receptionist.
  20. Dogs and other animals can stay at the hotel at the discretion of the hotel personnel. The price for pets in the room will be charged according to the actual price list.
  21. When leaving the room, guests are required to check that the water taps are closed, lights switched off and the door locked.
  22. The Brevnov Monastery Administration s.r.o./ the Adalbert hotel processes personal data in accordance with the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016. For specific information please refer to the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION section on our website. The accommodation provider will process personal data both manually and automatically by their authorized staff and via third parties authorized under personal data processing contracts. If a guest thinks that his or her personal data is being illegally processed, he or she may file a complaint with a supervisory authority, which in the Czech Republic is the Office for the Protection of Personal Data. An accommodated guest declares that they have been acquainted with these Accommodation Rules well in advance of the service being provided and agrees with the processing of their personal data stated on the registration card by signing it.

In Prague, 19th May 2018